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New cuts and signings, and practice squad


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Washington Redskins Waived defensive linemen Derrick Ham and Mario Monds; signed wide receiver Justin Skaggs, halfback Stanley Stephens, offensive lineman Terrance Simmons and linebacker Chaz Murphy to the practice squad; signed defensive ends Otis Leverette and David Bowens.

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You could see early on when the preseason started that Mario was in trouble. Of the younger players and pickups that were kept, each got the opportunity to work in reps with the first teamers at some point, except Monds.

Pierce, Brandt, Rosenfels, Boose, McCants, Gardner, Smoot, Houston, etc......each got the chance to play some while the starting group was on the field.

In truth, Monds looked so bad at New England it was just painful to watch. The Patriots have perhaps the worst starting offensive line in the NFL and their backups who can't crack that starting 5 are so far down the hole you would need a mythical beanstalk to lift them to being ready to play in this league.

And yet they manhandled Monds.

Marty took a flier on a guy with great size and strength in one of the late rounds. Typical of what NFL GM's do all the time.

Like most of those others however, Monds just doesn't have the athletic ability to make it in the NFL.

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I wouldn't be at all surprised if Monds makes the practice squad. I am somewhat to greatly surprised by the fact that we seem to have picked up guys who are equal projects and questions. To me, I'd have taken a guy like Ennis Davis who was highly thought of over a guy like Leverette who looks good, but did little, and will obviously have almost NO impact this full season in any capacity. But, I'm more than willing to make him the next bench Hall of Famer smile.gif.


Doom is in the box.

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