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What should be the 2011 NFL rules?


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At some point the league year will start, probably as soon as this weekend.

Just what should be the 2011 NFL rules? People are assuming the 2010 work rules will be in place but remember there is still anti-trust lawsuits. Anything the owners decide for 2011 could be subject to anti-trust penalities should they loose the lawsuit.

To really **** things up, I say you have a free for all. Pure free agency with no restrictions. Anyone not under contract is a free agent for anyone to sign. There is no salary cap. Teams can spend as little or as much as they want. So, Dan Snyder can spend 200 million in an attempt to win it all this year; while Mike Brown can spend 20 million to just barely field a team. There is no CBA so let's go crazy!

Also, there is no mini-camps or even training camps. Players just have to report a week before preseason starts. Lets have a 2011 season unlike anything we have seen.

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