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The express lane to hell


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Many years ago, Eddie Murphy did a bit about the guy who shot the Pope and how he must have wanted an express ticket to Hell. I was curious. What's actions do you know of that leave you just wondering how on earth a person could justify doing this? Please pick ones every body would see as wrong.

I guess I thought about it in relationship to the therapeutic nursery school my son used to attend. When we got a note sent home on a Wed. saying Friday would be the last day open, we were furious. How could a school just close with 2 days notice in September? None of the state or county representatives had been told. The teachers had not been told. Just like that a school was blinked out. As time has gone by, more and more has come into focus. I will start by saying none of this is proof, but...

1) Parents had a meeting with the administrator who had come on board 3 weeks before and representatives from the only other such school in the state who were considering buying the shool and reopening. At the meeting, we, the parents lamented never being asked for anything that was needed and not being allowed to marshall any sort of public support. We passed around a sign up sheet which the administrator was going to email us. The email never happened, so only a few of us who facebook each other keep in contact.

2) I asked at the meeting how much money the school would need to stay open. The admin said she would have to look that up. This is when I became suspicious. She convinced the board of directors to close over financial dificulty, and she had to go look up how much they would need to stay open? Again, despite following up, she never got me the number.

3) She took money from the food bank the church runs "in an effort to reopen the school." According to one teacher, the church/school has no record of such money.

4) A moving truck showed up and took all the school stuff from the building. this was a day she was there, and she took a personal check according to the witness. Still no record.

5) After my calls and letters along with a few other parents and county administrators whom I had clued into the upcoming costs to the state of having more special needs kids enter the program at the last min, the State approached with a request for bid on a grant for just such a school. After making her aware of it, all she could talk about with the teacher was this great part she was auditioning for...and despite being questioned on it for weeks, it was always we will hear some time soon....but she never took advantage of the expertise in grant proposal writing we had our neighbor offer...and we've heard no mention in the 4 months since.

If what it looks like happened is really the whole picture, this lady stole from the church, the nrusery, and food bank to the point of forcing one of them to shut its doors after 30 years of providing therapy and teaching for some of the kids most in need of its services. I won't bet she paid taxes on it all either. She also threatened any teachers who requested information with a law suit. Of course my hope is most of this will turn out to be a misunderstanding of the ineptness of an administrator, but on the surface, wow.

So how does this stand up for one end of a moral continuum?

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If what you think was embezzlement, then the church/school administrators/anyone in authority should contact police immediately to see what's up with this situation. It does indeed sound like something illegal has happened. As for the morality, to leave children and poor people who depended upon the food bank in the lurch is really immoral, religiosity aside. Who is on the board of directors of the school? Someone should contact the police, ASAP, before the statute of limitations runs out.

Really despicable if she has embezzled.

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