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What do you personally do, to make the World a better place?


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I and my wife foster medically fragile kids, and we have adopted 2 of them.

I make it a point to make every effort to live up to every promise I make, even if it is an implied promise I didn't realize I had made.

I try to make my world around me as much like I would want it as I can whether it means running after and calling out teenagers trespassing/littering or talking with all of my neighbors when a red temporary handicap parking pass is blowing in driveway figuring anyone with the pass needs it.

I make an effort to see the world through as many different perspectives as possible, and then I try to show others why a person acts as they have.

I try hard to believe most people at their core want to be "good." This goes against an awful lot of anecdotal evidence as so many seem to have a take what ever you can mind set of it's not cheating unless you are caught.

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