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Time: Law Firm Finds Success Targeting Those Who Post Copyrighted Images


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DMCA will kill the Internet, the US gvt is already abusing it to take out domains. The Internet was built on links, When i first got on the Internet pages of just links was popular.

There's another side to the coin. I view the DMCA as an absolute Godsend. My employer's copyrighted works are infringed upon every day. One of my duties is to stop that infringement. My employer isn't a troll and is NOT looking for a payday; it just wants people to stop stealing its property. If someone is infringing on my employer's copyrights, I will send them a cease and desist letter. Half the time the recipient disregards my letter. I could sue the infringer in a district court, but that would take years and tens or hundreds of thousands to resolve. So, what do I do? I send a DMCA takedown notice ... and it gets results.

I realize the vast majority of people don't care that the internet is used on a daily basis by thousands of people to post/distribute and view/use copyrighted works, but that is theft. It's pretty much the same as walking into a store and stealing ****. The amazing thing is many people see nothing wrong with it. Ya know why? Because so many people are doing it. So, if you don't like the DMCA and similar laws, blame the people stealing other people's **** online.

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I used to work as a freelance photographer, and my understanding of the law (albeit Australian), is that any and all images I take are owned and copyrighted to me, whether I register them or not. However, if I was contracted to attend an event to take photos, and paid for my attendance, ownership of any photos would be to the contractor, but I would still retain copyright as the image was created by me.

I stopped posting photos I took, whilst in my own time, when attending Aussie Rules matches as a known troll would constantly lift my photos and post them elsewhere, attributing them as his own. As I didn't like to use watermarks, and the sites in question wanted ME to prove they were my photos in the first instance, I just quit posting. Problem solved.

In relation to posting on a message board, there is a clause that states the poster is solely responsible for the content they post, so if any suing is to be done, it would be against the poster, not the board admin. However if the board admin have been advised, by official notification, to remove any and all offending material, and they refuse to do so, then they, as a group, can also be sued.

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Madison, what's your view on Righthaven?

Frankly, I don't know enough about Righthaven to say how I feel about it. I have heard Righthaven is abusive and pursues BS claims. If those stories are true, I suppose I don't care for Righthaven or what it's doing.

That said, I have ZERO problem with the concept of selling copyrights to a third party who will pursue infringers. I wish such a third party would approach me with that kind of proposal, as it would allow me to devote my time to more productive tasks and would spare my employer the money we spend going after turds. If you are using copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright owner, and you are profiting from it, you deserve what is coming your way.

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