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Vegas Suite Suggestions


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Hey All,

I am planning a bachelor party for my twin brother and am trying to find a suite room for us to stay in early March (before march madness). We will be staying Friday and Saturday night. I am looking to stay under $1k for total of both nights.

I have looked at a few places:

Hard Rock Casino

Planet Hollywood

Treasure Island

Really trying to stay in a place with:

Casino with a Poker Room

Younger crowd (mid twenties to early 30's)

A club or two.

Close to the strip.

Either two bedroom or a one bedroom suite with a couch.

I have done some research online, but haven't called any hotels yet. Any suggestions, on how I should go about chosing a place and/or websites I can use for package deals or suite.

Any Suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated, I have never been to Vegas, so I am trying to pull something together.

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I went to Vegas last month, and stayed at the MGM Grand. My buddy booked the room and said he was able to get a steal on a 2-bedroom room (I want to say he got the room for $280 for 2 nights and we had 4 on the trip). Also, I really enjoyed the MGM's poker room, and I would definitely recommend staying and playing there. I don't know how much you're looking to gamble with but I would play the $1/$2 table, they're much better than the .50/$1 tables which are a joke.

We didn't stay in a suite, and if you're going there to gamble I wouldn't either; however, if you're looking to party and drink then I would understand why getting a suite would be important. But since you said you're only staying for 2 nights, I would just recommend saving a lot of money and getting a regular room and using the money to gamble with or go to a club with.

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I've organized our annual ladies Vegas trips (group size from 10-19) for the past 6 years and have certainly learned a few things since I started putting these trips together...

We've done a suite at Planet Hollywood and it was great, very "posh." I've heard the Hard Rock suites are awesome too...although the Hard Rock casino is a bit smaller than many of the other casinos on the strip. Regardless, I would suggest either of those places for a younger crowd atmosphere. I don't play poker in Vegas, so I don't know much about the poker rooms, sorry.

Another place you might want to check out is the Mirage. My group has done the two-bedroom suite there twice and loved it (and it has a couch and I believe they allow 2 rollaway beds in there). It's in the middle of the strip, the prices are very reasonable and you've got JET nightclub and the yummy steakhouse STACK.

Treasure Island is kind of a "cheap" place IMO and isn't really as young or hip as the other casinos mentioned...

When you go to make reservations, obviously ask if there are any types of specials, particularly with "in-house" clubs. As men, it's harder for you guys to get into clubs without having an "in" (e.g. having an expensive table reservation, being on the reservation list which is easier for you if you are staying in a penthouse suite at that particular hotel, or bribing the bouncers). Sometimes, when you get the penthouse suite, it comes with special privileges and the concierge can get you on the reservation lists at multiple clubs, even clubs outside your hotel.

Also, drinks in Vegas are very expensive, both to buy at the club or even at a liquor store. So, we always have each person bring a bottle of whatever alcohol they want so we have plenty to drink the entire time. We've also started bringing the little bottles of liquor so that we can put them in our purses for when we go to the clubs which again, cuts down on the costs big time. Obviously you guys don't have purses, but I'm sure you can find other methods :D

Those are the things that immediately come to mind. If anything else pops up, I'll try to post it in here. Have fun :D

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I lived in Vegas for a while and always suggested to friends and family to go direct to the hotels and ask for deals. Its rare you will find the best deals online or in ads, they always hold out for folks who are brave enough to simply ask. If you contact one and they dont want to deal, just move onto the next. If you ask enough, trust me, the deals will be found.

You may want to consider doing something mid week instead of a weekend. The savings is significant and in Vegas, it matters not if its a weekend for fun.

New York New York and MGM usually had great deals in my time there, but things change so rapidly, that I cannot say thats still the case.

Oh, another trick I used to suggest was to contact the local limo companies, they often have the inside scoop on great deals too.

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Another option would be to get 2 adjoining rooms. You might be able to get 2 rooms quite a bit cheaper than a large suite.

The Hardrock is a only a few blocks off the strip, it's a cheap cab ride from there to City Center/Planet Hollywood area of the strip.

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Also, drinks in Vegas are very expensive, both to buy at the club or even at a liquor store.

I disagree with the Liquor Store part. If you buy anywhere on the strip it is overpriced, however, there are a few stores not far from the strip that are priced pretty close to what it would cost you at your local store. Lee's Liquors are probably the largest local chain and usually have very good prices and sales. Just like finding a room, shop around and save.

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