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the GMAC Bowl last night? 64-61, Marshall, in 2 OT. I know for you defensive purists that's horrifying, but it was fun.

I fell asleep at 44-42, ECU, and woke up to see Marshall tie it at 51 to send into OT. I turned it off at that point and heard the score this morning.

I tell you what, Leftwich might be a better QB right now than Banks. He sees the whole field and can flat-out throw the ball. I think he had close to 600 yards passing.

When people complain about too many bowl games, I hope they're talking about the New Year's Day proliferation matching the fifth place team from the Big Ten against the sixth place team from the SEC. Now that's ridiculous. But these "lesser" bowls with the top teams from the mid-majors can be quite entertaining. I've got no problems with these bowls staying around.

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