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2 Seats in 429 for entire season at face value


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georgiaredskin and I are selling our season tickets, and we want to sell them at face value to a skins fan.

Edit: Slight price edit after talking with Mark the Homer. New seat activation fee was included in the price, now it is not.

Edit 2: Games currently left are the Packers, Buccaneers and Giants. Face value on the tickets is $64 each. They are roughly at the 30-yard line and have a great view of the entire field. ES member techboy has sat up there with me and can testify to the quality of the view.

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Oh Reic. You crack yourself up.

(If you look carefully, it's a comma, not a decimal point.)

I know.. I should have used different wording.. fail.

Good look on selling the tickets! Sorry for the mini hijack.

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