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CNN: Gymnast, 15, missing after ride with brother's friend


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New York (CNN) -- Kayla Berg was thrilled to return last August to Antigo, Wisconsin, where she looked forward to competing on the high school gymnastics team.

Her mother, Hope Sprenger, said she agreed to move Kayla, 15, and her older brother, Jimmy, back to the small town where they were raised. They had moved three months earlier to Texas, but Kayla and her brother were homesick.

"We were going to try and start a new life," Sprenger said, "but Kayla missed her friends. She was very upset that they didn't have gymnastics team at the high school in Texas."

The return home also meant Kayla and her brother would spend time with their father and grandparents, who lived five miles away.

"We left it pretty open," Sprenger said about the living arrangement that allowed Kayla and Jimmy to stay with either parent. "They could ride bikes, or we'd take them back and forth." Sometimes Kayla walked, or ran, between her parent's homes to get in shape for gymnastics.

A few weeks were left of summer break, and Kayla was making it a point to catch up with friends. With her 16th birthday still a couple of weeks away and no driver's license, she accepted a ride to the Antigo McDonald's, where her best friend worked.

"She had called me that afternoon, on August 11, around 1 or 2 and said she was going to hang around at her dad's," Sprenger said. "She said, 'I love you,' and I said, 'Love you back.' " Mother and daughter agreed to talk later. They never did.

One of her brother's friends picked Kayla up at her father's house at about 8:30 p.m. The two arrived at McDonald's half an hour later. Kayla ran inside, talked briefly with her friend, and then left. She had told her friend she planned to ride around in the car for a while.

"The last we pretty much know about the story we have, is around 10 p.m.," said Antigo Police Chief Eric Roller. "The male says he dropped her off ... at her boyfriend's house in Wausau." Wausau is 34 miles from Antigo.

Sprenger didn't approve of the boyfriend. "I didn't feel comfortable that he was 19 she was 15," she said.

The brother's friend said he last saw Kayla when she got out of his vehicle and walked toward a house she said was that of her boyfriend.

"He figured it was about 10 p.m. when he dropped her off. ... He said it was dark." Roller said. The friend accurately described the house, which is in downtown Wausau and surrounded by other homes and businesses.

Investigators and Kayla's mother question why Kayla would have requested a ride to that house. It had been condemned by the health department weeks earlier and was undergoing renovations. Kayla's mother said Kayla knew no one had been living there.

No one else saw Kayla get out of the car, Roller said, but investigators were able to confirm that the 24-year old driver returned at midnight to his parents' house in Deerbrook, about 45 minutes away.

Six days later, on August 17, Kayla's mother reported her missing.

A lot of problems with this story.

For instance, the title is kind of confusing, and there's a lot of details missing and obvious errors.

Some other info I looked up:


As the two had reportedly been smoking pot on their joyride around town, neither Berg nor Kielcheski were in an entirely lucid state of mind.

According to police, Kielcheski never watched Berg enter the home. However, he did remember it being dark inside, and he saw no one else around.

Nonetheless, Kielcheski told police he drove off, never seeing Berg again.

In addition to Kielcheski, who has cooperated with authorities, police have interviewed Berg's ex-boyfriend on a number of occasions. He has denied seeing her on that evening or any other since her disappearance.

Since Berg was allegedly with one or possibly both of them that night, police are truly stumped as to where she could be now or who else may have seen her.

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Why did they not report her missing for 6 days? Thats an eternity.
According to the article their excuse is:

"It was such a messed-up situation as to why this wasn't reported immediately," she said. "There was miscommunication between me and her dad. I thought she was at her dad's. ... Her brother said she was over at her friend's house."

Kayla didn't have a cell phone or computer, so her whereabouts could not be tracked. Although she did have a Facebook account ,she hadn't accessed it in months.

Although I don't think that really explains it. I mean, six days?

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According to the article their excuse is:

Although I don't think that really explains it. I mean, six days?

If I'm either parent and I live within 5 miles of my ex-spouse, by day 2 I'm heading over to that house to confirm the whereabouts of my child. I don't like hearing "I thought she was there, he thought she was here..." because that shows that neither parent really bothered to figure it out.

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That's a sad story! I agree...what takes so long to report your child missing? I'd be going nuts!

From the article:

"It was such a messed-up situation as to why this wasn't reported immediately," she said. "There was miscommunication between me and her dad. I thought she was at her dad's. ... Her brother said she was over at her friend's house."

Kayla didn't have a cell phone or computer, so her whereabouts could not be tracked. Although she did have a Facebook account ,she hadn't accessed it in months.

Roller said the biggest problem with the case is that police received information a week after Kayla went missing. He said her friends were uncooperative with police, making it appear as if they might be helping Kayla hide.

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Some interesting comments.

No idea how much of it is true or who is real.


whowhatwhere says:

April 6, 2010 at 6:16 pm

I think ppl. need to stop writing on here cause Kayla did what she wanted to do is leave this town cause of all the Drama and cause her parents didn’t care about her as much as they are saying here. and also Kayla is at fault for all this Kevin is NOT GUILTY…….. Also ppl. need to stop and think before saying oh poor Kayla she is the one who ran away and she is the one that took drugs and smoked pot and drank.. I know ppl. that knew her and they were saying she was so into drugs and here her parents didn’t even care That is so sad………. God ppl. in Antigo need to get a live and stop talking about other ppl. like they do mind your own business and take care of your kids and stop worrying about others on here.. She is gone so deal with it when she is ready to come home I’m sure she will come home and when she does she needs to be put in a home and get alot of help along with her parents…………..

whowhatwhere says:

April 6, 2010 at 6:25 pm

this goes to moving forward your nose is growing by reading what i put it’s none of your business what i say……….

Kevin IS NOT GUILTY Kayla is Guilty of everything she needs help…….

when she comes home.. along with her parents………….

Kevin you are the best friend anyone can have I’m glad we got to know you and your family God be with you and we will support you all the way cause Kayla did something that she shouldn’t of done at all to you she had this all planned.. cause what person would do that to a very good friend Noone besides Kayla she is a spoiled rotten brat that needs alot of help.. Kayla you need to come home and get help and now cause you caused alot of problems here with everyone so just come home and get help with your parents getting help too……… the Game is over stop hiding out and come home……

Kayla's mom says:

April 15, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Wow!! I have not been on here in a while, and now I know why. For starters none of you have the facts straight. No Kayla was not nor is she pregnant, she would have had the baby by now!!! She also know that if she for some reason she did become pregnant, she could come to me. Yes I would be mad but would get over it.. I am not saying taht Kevin is guilty or not guilty in knowing what has happend to Kayla.. For The drug thing yes he is guilty!! He already admitted that. So get over it!! Second, Kayla did not run away!!! you people have no clue as to what she has gone threw or is going threw!! I did not drag her back here she wanted to come home she missed her friends, and missed her gymnastics. She did not meet any new friends in Texas, she absolutely hated it there. So all of you people can just get over that rumor. Yes, I am at fault, I am, because I brought her back here to this piece of hell on earth. I wish I could take it all back, but I can’t. With all of the rumors and speculations, I truly am ready to just give up on everything! I have to sit and wonder everyday if I will ever see my daughter ever agian, and then I have to think about funeral arrangements for her. She is not a run away and something has happend to her, and it is not good. That is my feelilngs anyway!!

As far as people asking about a polygraph, no Kevin has not taken one he refuses, or so I’m told his mother will not let him take it, because he already did a voice recognition test and yes he passed that. But a polygraph is diffrent. Miguel, the person that Kayla was supposedly going to see has not taken one either, he has been avoiding both the police and the FBI. So there are two major red flags that stand out here!! If I did not do anything I would jump at the chance to take a lie detector and clear my name. And it is my understanding that, that is all Kevin has to do and the police will pretty much leave him alone. He will still be charge with the drugs but atleast it would clear up anything dealing with Kayla. Please do not say that the police are not doing what they can, cause they are. They are working very hard on this case. Things do not happen like you see on tv. Things take time, unfortunately, but they do, there is protocol that needs to be followed!! And to the persons that call themselves Whowhatwher and people, If you have something to say to me than say it but do not hide behind some stupid call sign, say your real name and be truthful. Everyone that thinks that you know for sure that kayla ran away, well how do you know that for certian. If you know something then tell the detectives or the FBI. Do not sit on here and blab more rumors and aligations, have some facts!!

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