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Inmate's Defensive Line Solution

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Yeah, I'm pissed off too after this 20-13 loss. So you guys pay attention to Inmate's solution. And I especially want all bulldogs to pay attention!


O.k. guys all is not lost yet. Here is the new defensive line solution. ;)

Yes, we should make at least one trade. A #5 pick to Denver for Lional Dalton who is then moved to right tackle, not left tackle.

Big Daddy can frig off. He never stopped the run when he was here anyway. :( Then this is the new lineup. We carry 5 defensive ends and 4 defensive tackles, the same as last year. :)

LDE - Regan Upshaw

Peppi Zellner

Mike Cecere [who is showing some pass rush] or Greg Scott

LDT - Renaldo Wynn

Jermaine Haley

RDT - Lional Dalton

Delbert Cowsette [probably has more upside] or James Cannida

RDE - Bruce Smith

LaDairus Jackson

If we could also pickup Grady Jackson in a trade for Kenny Watson or Ladell Betts, so much the better.

TomGiantsFan, is now trembling in his shoes. :D

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