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Clinton Portis on "Man V. Food: Live!" Lol


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I am watching the live special of Man v. Food and they show a special race of eating spicy chicken wings and they brought in 6 NFL players in teams of three to do this. And guess who is there? Clinton Portis! He is paired with Jake Long and Jake Grove to take on Dhani Jones Keith Rivers and Don Glover to eat 9 spicy wings.

Ist player must eat three wings and tap to the next player and he eats three and so on.

Clinton was first and he was grooving to the wings.

And his team lost. So much for Portis trying to be healthy.

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I told you he wasn't in shape, he's a cancer, cut him!

You know what's really funny?

I promise you, some people are thinking what you wrote, and they're not thinking it in jest. :ols:

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Yea...the last thing he needs to do is eat chicken wings...

I don't know if you caught my drift.

But saying Clinton isn't taking care of his body because he ate some chicken wings is kind of ridiculous. I mean you can be in good shape and eat some chicken wings

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