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Cowboys and ending undefeated seasons


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As all Skins fans painfully know, the Cowboys ended our undefeated season in 1991 when they beat us at RFK when we were 11-0. Then last night they go into New Orleans and beat the 13-0 Saints.

Does anyone know if there has been any NFC team that has been undefeated with double-digit win totals before losing between '91 and '09? I know there have been a few AFC teams that have done in before losing (Denver, Indy, and of course the Pats), but couldn't remember anyone in the NFC.

Before last night I think the most anticipated playoff matchup was perhaps a potential rematch between the Pats and Colts. Now I think a Cowboys-Saints rematch would be intriguing......although of course the Cowboys will only get to the second round if they win the division, IMO.

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If the Boys don't win the next two games, all anyone will remember will how they blew a first place lead in the East with 5 games to go. How they chocked when it counted in 09.

Last nights win means little in the big picture.

Yup...they still have to face the Skins in Washington.

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