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PFT: Suggs gets sued for $70 million


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Posted by Mike Florio on December 10, 2009 4:06 PM ET

Here's the latest development in the bizarre story that began with a restraining order being filed against Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, followed by a claim that he struck and tried to pour bleach on the mother of his two small children.

Now, the woman has filed a $70 million lawsuit against Suggs, along with a separate action seeking custody of the kids.

Candace Williams, 26, claims in the lawsuit that Suggs struck her on November 3, and that he threatened to kill her. She also contends that the incident involving the pouring of bleach by Suggs occurred on November 29.

According to the Baltimore Sun, documents relating to the case include a comment from the judge who issued the restraining order that "visible lacerations" were present on Williams' chest.

Suggs was asked about the situation on Thursday at the team's facility, and he wisely opted not to talk about it. Other than to say he couldn't talk about it.

"I can't talk about all that right now," Suggs said, per the Sun. "You know I've always been fair. When I can address it, I will. I really have nothing to hide. As bad as I want to talk about it right now, I can't. When I'm able to do it, you guys can ask a million and one questions about it, and I would be glad to answer them for you. Right now, to be safe, I really can't answer any questions about it right now."

Suggs has not been charged with a crime, which makes discipline from the team or the league unlikely. Still, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently told the Sun that the league will "take a look at it as we would any such matter to try to understand the facts."

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