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Honey have you seen my screwdriver??


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This is just disgusting and sad :(


HILO, Hawaii (AP) -- A surgeon accused of inserting a piece of a screwdriver into a patient's spine, instead of a titanium rod, has been sued for malpractice.

Rosalinda Iturralde, the sister of the patient who died last month, filed suit against Dr. Robert Ricketson. It was at least the eighth time Ricketson has been sued for malpractice, attorneys said.

According to the suit, filed Monday, when Arturo Iturralde underwent spine surgery in 2001, Ricketson had already had his medical license suspended in Oklahoma and revoked in Texas. His license was under review in Hawaii.

After the surgery began, the lawsuit claims, the doctor realized the rod he planned to insert was missing. The plaintiff says Ricketson used a hacksaw to cut a stainless steel screwdriver, then tightened it into place in the patient's spine.

Days later, the screwdriver snapped in half and Iturralde again underwent surgery for its removal. A nurse who later found it in the trash notified the family, attorneys said.

Iturralde underwent more surgeries, but eventually became a paraplegic.

Rosalinda Iturralde contends her brother died June 18 at age 76 because of complications from the surgery.

Efforts to find an address or phone number for Ricketson, 48, were unsuccessful. He applied for a medical license in Kansas last year, but later withdrew the application.

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If this account is accurate, it's a great example of why consumers of heath care need protections. Unless you all want his paraplegiac to have to pay his own way on bringing the suit and then have his recovery capped at $250k.

The medical profession, the very guys who stand to benefit the most from 'tort reform', refuse to police their own.

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Guest Matt Kyriacou
Originally posted by Kilmer17

Let him get all he can. But cap the lawyers fees.

My sentiments exactly.

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Originally posted by TennesseeCarl

Unless you all want his paraplegiac to have to pay his own way on bringing the suit and then have his recovery capped at $250k.

I agree with some of your sentiment, but say it correctly. What would be capped would only be his general damages, for pain and suffering. His economic damages, covering all monetary losses and additional expenses due to the injuries - e.g. loss of income, medical expenses, etc. - would be fully compensated, dollar for dollar. This is what they do in CA, which is what they're contemplating copying on the federal level.

This surgeon should be in jail, BTW.

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