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Dating a single parent....


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Unbelievable. Just when you thought you had seen it all. Couple of you could have gotten some time off because of posts in this thread,but let's call this a mulligan and a day.

grhqofb5. If this place is that bad,(venting has purpose,but it also has motivation behind it),then you can leave and spare yourself the frustration of being here.

As for the topic at hand,not much to say that hasn't been said except that I've dated several single moms in my day. Most of the kids were teens or older so wasn't worried nor tried to be dad. Just cared for their mom and that's really all they wanted. Didn't work out,but it wasn't because of the kids,(most,if not liked me).

Move along now. Nothing to see but the glass on the road and some skid marks.

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