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NFC East Standings, how pathetic is this? Anyone want the division?

Tom [Giants fan]

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the situation of the teams is quite different.

the Redskins are looking to find and develop players such as Smoot, Gardner, Lang, Banks, etc....to form the nucleus of a new regime here in DC and this season after 0-5 is about getting respect from the NFL after being the butt of jokes.

The Eagles and Giants were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders. Their slow starts have to be more of a disappointment for their fans as our 8-8 was last year amid big expectations.

hey, if somebody wants to give the Skins the East at 8-8, I'll take it.

My gut tells me one of the two teams will step up and post a 10 win season so I don't think the division will end up as bad as it looks now.

One thing's for sure. Those two "W"'s the Eagles were writing in for the Redskins this year are now question marks. biggrin.gif

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