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The Hillary Chronicles


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The Hillary Chronicles

By: Bill O'Reilly for BillOReilly.com

Thursday, Jun 12, 2003

Well, I've finally figured out the Sphinx that is Hillary Clinton. It took me years but I think I've solved the mystery based upon the best available evidence: Her own words.

The final clue in my piecing together this fascinating puzzle was the Senator's mention of a meeting with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

That's when it all crystalized for me.

First the set up. There is no way on earth that a woman as intelligent as Hillary Clinton could not have understood the weakness and the true character of her husband, even if he did look like a Viking at one time.

Bill Clinton is not a subtle man. He loves adulation and he loves women.

You don't need a PhD to add it up.

And the figures appeared with regularity, beginning with Mr. Clinton's 1992 admission on "60 Minutes" that he had "brought pain to the marriage."

I guess you could interpet the statement as Roger Clinton being invited to the wedding, but that would be a stretch.

Anyway, over the years various women showed up with mercenary tales of bad behavior by Bill. There were tape recordings, depositions and finally Presidential admissions of fooling around.

Barney Fife could have figured this one out.

Mr. Clinton liked the ladies and his ability to resist temptation was, well, in the Jim Bakker category.

So for Hillary Clinton to claim she was shocked and awed by her husband's admission in the Lewinsky affair is disingenuous and makes her look silly.

If she didn't have suspicions in this matter do we really want her protecting us from Al Qaeda?

The truth, as I see it, is that Hillary Clinton did not want to know about her husband's hobbies. She has made an accomodation which she has every right to make.

Don't tell me that Jackie Kennedy was clueless about JFK's antics. And even though Hillary claims the two talked about clothing, I'll bet you a peach pants suit there were other subjects broached in that conversation as well.

Look at it his way. Both Hillary and Jackie led charmed lives in the White House.

They traveled the globe on private jets, met fascinating people and received the affection of the world. Both ladies acquired fame, prestige and power, which Hillary, in particular, relishes.

It was a wonderful life, why disturb it with a close examination of your husband's conduct?

Millions of Americans have made this same trade off and that is completely their business. But if you do enter into that bargain, don't play the victim when it blows up.

I believe Hillary when she says, using the most unemotional cliche possible, that she wanted to "wring his neck."

Sure, she did. Because her husband had embarrassed her in front of the world.

That was not part of the bargain.

The problem with Hillary Clinton is that she is putting forth a facade, she will not define herself as a real person. Thus, her enemies can continue to hammer her, while her supporters paint her as a feminine icon, fighting the good fight.

Both groups are wrong.

Senator Clinton is simply a woman who wants power. That's it.

And she is willing to make accomodations to secure that power. This is not unheard of in the world of politics.

I'll back up my analysis by citing a question from Barbara Walters who asked Mrs Clinton: What if your husband does it again? Hillary didn't even pause: "That's between us," she answered.

No emotion, no hesitation, no doubt.

Hillary Clinton is now the most powerful woman in America. She has a chance to become President. She has two multi-million dollar homes, a swanky office on Capitol Hill, a Praetorian Guard of Secret Service agents, a daughter who loves her and a fan base of millions.

Monica Lewinsky? Come on.

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This reminds me of syndicated reporters writing about the Redskins, in that pretty much anybody could've written this, and there's nothing in it that anyone hasn't already figured out/ hashed over. I don't mean to sound critical. I'm just saying, "No kidding Bill, what were your clues?" I remember people saying this same stuff long beofre the Monica thing even came out.

(And...Name me a politician that doesn't want power)

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