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Since When does DC have a Monsoon Season?

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Well we could be out in Idaho and the west where they are having a grasshopper convention.

Just saw a small news segment about how the grass hoppers plague that started last year in parts of the west is affecting some areas.

One area, the state has gone so far as to put up a warning sign on the highway;


Or something like that. The one road worker said when you hit a patch of grasshoppers it was worse than black ice... :laugh:

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Originally posted by The Evil Genius

So is this just a cyclical occurrence - or is the EC seeing something unique...perhaps a fundamental shift in weather patterns (;))?

Who again was the resident meteorologist here?

"fundamental shift in the weather patterns' :laugh:

No need to worry. This isn't anything long term. The trof that is hanging along the east coast is slowing breaking down. You will be wishing we had these thunderstorms this summer when it will be in the low to mid 90's with smothering humidity. This summer might be a record breaker. La Nina patterns are usually very hot and dry. We are moving right from an El Nino pattern into a La Nina so that the reason for the trough in the east but eventually it is going to break down and the Bermuda high will be setting up shop along the east coast until the Fall.

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