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OK Sen Coburn Running for Reelection


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Well, some good news. The best Senator in Congress has decided to run for re-election. Senator Coburn is one of the few fighting to re-establish fiscal responsibility as part of the Republican mode of operations (Against McConnel and several other Republican Senators and Congressmen). He had a well publicized fued with former Senator Stevens over massive government spending. Stevens blamed him for losing the Senate in 2006 and he responded by saying blame was on Senator Stevens and like minded big government Republicans.

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Problem is, historically, the GOP has been a lot more honest about what their positions are on social issues, and much more effective at legislating what they want.

And I don't see that changing any time soon.

Part of that has to do with the power structure.

The Religious Right is going to demand absolute, total obedience to their social agenda. And they're going to get it, because the GOP isn't going to piss off their biggest source of power.

OTOH, there is no organized, whip-cracking power block who is going to demand absolute fiscal restraint. No constituency. No PAC.

In fact, quite the opposite. All of the money and the power brokers are there demanding more, at every turn. Them, and the "more tax cuts for the rich" constituency.

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Looks like he's about to chalk up a win:

Congress votes to allow guns in national parks

Seems Mr Coburn decided that a bill restricting credit card companies ability to retroactively change interest rates on money after people borrow it was the perfect place in which to repeal a law that was signed by that noted gun-hating liberal, Ronald Reagan, and which Congress was unable to pass when the GOP held Congress and the White House.

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