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seeing snoop d-o-double G tonight


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i wasnt going to go - tickets were way too expensive, the guy is like 90 years old, and rap "shows" are usually horrible unless there is a backing band.

but a few weeks ago it was like 2 am and we were listening to Chronic 2001 and it suddenly made all too much sense.

it is going to be ridiculous - and probably kind of awful - but im excited for tonight

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Wait. Snoop Dogg is 90 years old?

I went to the Beale Street Festival in Memphis last weekend. 60 bands on 4 stages over 3 days and Snoop was my favorite from the whole festival. He has a 4 piece band and Snoop really brought it. Plus Jef you know the sound at the National is world class.

I expect a smoky haze of fun-ness tonight in Richmond.

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