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Question about the wideouts.


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I noticed that six wideouts went in the first round today and none in last years draft. Where do you guys think Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas stack up in terms of talent with the six that were selected in todays first round?

The reason I ask is because we have a lot riding on what these two can do. Randel El simply hasn't been productive and Thrash is kept more for his special teams play than anything else.

If we are to have a good year at some point we are going to need a passing game.

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In terms of talent, Devin Thomas is probably still the most talented out of those guys out there, followed by Bey.

In terms of skills, I'd go with:

1) Crabtree

2) Maclin

3) Britt

4) Thomas

5) Nicks

6) Kelly

7) Bey

8) Harvin

And the Iggles got Maclin. That sucks.
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Thomas and Crabtree are neck and neck except Thomas is bigger and faster. As for Kelly he and nicks are the same except nick may be a tad bit shorter

Uhm no...Crabtree...best receiver in college last 2 years>>>>>>>> than Devin Thomas, one year Michigan State wonder...ughh

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