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Hasselback is a consideration that Zorn Might Be Pushing


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might be pushing. Then, next year we can look at a future prospect in the draft and maybe Colt will be ready. I am not saying the Colt could be our franchise qb, but he is on our roster. I think some are too against Colt and vice versa. I admit that I am intrigued with his knack for the game.

Of course, Matt would have to be completely healed before we should look that route.

Sanchez is also intriguing but might be out reach. We don't want to give away the farm.

Everette Brown or Maybin and possibly Ayers should be given heavy consideration but we might end up with Andre Smith if we stay put.

It sure is never dull in Redskinsland!

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Is this your thoughts or somebody else's? (link?) I would actually be okay with Hasselbeck.

Actually, I've seen postings of it but I was thinking this when we first hired Zorn. I have always thought that he had the intangibles to take a team all the way. Also, it always seemed that he would beat us really badly when he played us. The fact that he worked with Zorn is a big plus!

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