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DMN: Jason Witten on perceptions and T.O.


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Calvin Watkins


Jason Witten was asked today: Are the Cowboys a better team without Terrell Owens?

"I don't know about that," Witten said. "Terrell was a great player. I think I was a better player because of him and what he brought to the team. His track record speaks for itself. He has been good wherever he has been. He is going to help Buffalo a lot."

Witten said he was bothered that many believe he had something to do with Owens getting released.

There's the hot rumor that Tony Romo sits to pee, Jason Garrett and Witten conspired to get Owens cut.

Witten said it's not true and that perception bothers him.

"Personally getting thrown into the middle of that, you would like to think you've been here six years and lay it on the line do all the right things -- hurt, injured, healthy," he said. "To get perceived to be in the middle of that, that bothers you. I can take that. That has nothing to do with it. Tony is a good friend but he's the quarterback, he's a leader, man. He's the quarterback of the team. This is a professional football team. You can't worry about that stuff."

Witten didn't seem angry but you could tell it upsets him when people think he has all this power to get players released.

"The bottom line is when you're losing all those things get brought out and rightfully so because you got expectations. That's why you have a good team," he said. "You let the owner down and let the team down. To get thrown into that, it doesn't matter. It came out of left field on me a little bit just because you felt like you know how you prepare and how to play. Hey, I'm the first guy all along I was a better player because of [Owens] and other guys around me, it's a team game and you have to do that."

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Vol homer reply.

Your excused.

Classic. The biggest homer of them all calling another guy a homer.

Though, I don't know if its that you really love the Skins or if you just really hate the Cowboys more. I'll say you hate the Cowboys more than you love the Skins.

Anyhow, Witten is classy and a true pro. Glad he's one of the good guys. We could use more like him in pro sports.

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