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Yea. Seriously. It's derfinately newb. Emphasizing that the person is new, with the n...e...w. Trust me. I play xbox360.

you really think xbox360 was the origin of newb? lol i remember 5-6 years ago playin counter-strike people was sayin that.

and sc--i had another name, been here for awhile but it wont let me post or anything lol. so hush you noooob.

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Welcome to the board!

Have you paid you monthly membership yet? You will not be able to join the Colt Brennan fan club if you don't pay ;)

By the way, feel free to visit us at the Tailgate section of the board :)........You learn quite a few things overthere.

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Never heard of that name before.

I thought when you said you had been here for a while that ment you had been here for years. :silly:

lol im not no es vet! if i was i'd have to be atleast 35, lmaoo. let me stop before i get big mike and them on my case. but i havee been here for awhile, i'd say 11 months is a while wouldnt you concur? indubihility.

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