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CNN: Monks brawl before religious ceremony

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JERUSALEM (CNN) -- An unusual sight greeted Jerusalem police as they entered one of Christianity's holiest sites Sunday morning: dozens of monks punching and kicking each other in a massive brawl.

Monks from the Greek Orthodox and Armenian denominations were preparing for a ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City when a disagreement led to a full-fledged fist fight

Many among the dozens of monks came away with cuts and bruises, said police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld.

Officers were called to the scene to break up the brawl. They detained two monks, one from each denomination, Rosenfeld said.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem is thought to be built on the site of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

Rivalries between the different sects that share control of the church often lead to tensions

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Weird. I'd expect something like this to be more likely between the Roman Church and the Eastern Churches, but not between two Eastern Rite Churches. Wonder what it was... ?

The Greek Church gets thrown around as a generic term quite a bit. Wonder if they were really Greek or possibly Antiochan, being that it's in Jerusalem.

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This is at least the third time these monks have fought. Next time they meet it should be on Pay Per View.

At least they weren't publicly abusing potatoes (or other vegetables).

I do think that many would tune in to a religously based PPV fight scene. I can just imagine the flame of zealotry burning bright as (for example):

The Catholic Church Champion goes up against the Church of England champ, and as the main event, the Champion of the Sunni Muslim's goes toe to toe with the Champion of the Federated Baptist Church in no holds barred, UFC cage matches.

NASCAR, fughedaboutit!

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Much more bad blood between the Roman Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church than between the Roman Church and/or the Church of England or Protestants. You'd see the Sunni/Shiia fight champ meet the winner between the Roman Church/Eastern Church champ.

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