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after being a little "electioned" out last night, I flipped on Rocky, perhaps the quintessential triumph story. And I realized that , yes, perhaps I set my expectations a little high for this team. I mean, even Rocky had to lose to Clubber Lang right? Or else how in the world could he have come back and become tough enough to take on Ivan Draco in the next movie?

Anyway, this rambling does have a point. While I disagree with the posts I've seen about how this is "the best thing to happen to this team", I do think that we have the opportunity to find the positive in the situation and use it to our advantage. In this unfolding drama about a first year head coach uplifting his team and helping them achieve greatness, there are bound to be setbacks. It wouldn't be any fun to watch if there weren't. The thing to do is to learn why they were beaten, and turn your weaknesses into strengths for the next confrontations in the season.

Look at last years Patriots. Completely dominated the competition all year, and how does it end? By getting a gut wrenching reality check at the worst possible time. I dunno about you, but if that was a movie, I wouldn't want to see the hero get killed in the final scene (by the Giants no less, ugh).

Anyway, yes, this is reality, not a movie. Yes, losing on monday to the Steelers was.... unpleasent to say the least, but to those saying the season's over, Campbell should retire, blah blah blah, remember its always darkest before the light. We got alot of fight left in us. And we'll be coming back from the bye week rested,healthy and with huge chip on our shoulder at being denied the status of an NFL "elite team.

So I say, sit back, grab some popcorn, and stay tuned for the second act, cuz I'm sure as hell the Skin's are gonna come out swinging. Just an odd little thought post to brighten the redskins nation during this dismal rainy week.


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"I mean, even Rocky had to lose to Clubber Lang right? Or else how in the world could he have come back and become tough enough to take on Ivan Draco in the next movie?"

Clubber Lang Killed Mick which opened the door for Apollo to train Rock. That gave him the "Eye O' da Tiger", which he used to defeat Lang. Then Draco killed Apollo which lead Rock to train in Siberia. Leading to Dracos untimely defeat.

Oh well at least there were no Rocky V or VI references, too bad I could have used a uplifting tale about Tommy Morrison. Go Skins, don't be like Rocky. Unless that Rocky is named Marciano.


"More steroids Mick"

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Tell you what... our loss against the Steelers has been said by many to resemble our loss against the Giants. They point out the pressure, but I think the better point to make in comparison is that this team now has to sit for an extended period of time on this loss, much like they did when we fell to the Giants.

I think they're going to explode... and Dallas is going to be the closest to the proximity of the explosion.

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