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Factcheck.org: The Whoppers of 2008 - the Sequel


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One more Factcheck before the election folks.



The Whoppers of 2008 -- The Sequel

October 31, 2008

The final five weeks of this looooong campaign produced some fresh outlandish charges, as well as some old ones reprised.



The last five weeks have brought so many ads we feel like we're drinking from a fire hose – and we'll bet you're pretty saturated, too.

Since our first "Whoppers of 2008" piece, we've seen some of the same themes repeated. McCain's campaign doesn't tire of distorting Obama's tax plan, it seems, and in the process has whipped up at least 15 minutes of fame for sudden star Joe the Plumber. Obama continues trying to pull seniors into his camp by making deceptive claims about what McCain would do to Social Security, and he has new distortions about his opponent's plans for Medicare.

And there are some fresh deceptions gobbling up airtime, including false depictions of McCain's position on stem cell research, Obama's connections to former Weatherman Bill Ayers and the community group ACORN, and both candidates' health care plans. Then there's a new parlor game, pin-the-blame-on-the-candidate for the financial crisis that has gripped the country.

For more on these and other mendacities and misrepresentations we've found recently, please read on to our Analysis section, where you'll find summaries of many of our articles and links to the full-blown versions.

And if you haven't voted already, do so by the end of Tuesday. After all, why do you think we've been doing all this work?

See link for full analysis and hilarity...

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Can anyone explain to me WHY McCain is going to tax health care benefits and then give a tax credit? Honestly curious as to what is going on there.

He wants to get companies to stop giving people benefits. The idea is that people don't actually understand their healthcare cost, what they are getting, and/or what they are paying for it and that if you didn't get it through your company and went out and had to get if yourself that you'd actually worry about such things and it would change the insurance market and drive down prices.


Note this should not be read as an endorsement for this idea. I'm happy w/ my untaxed, stated paid for benefits.

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