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Anyone got an injury update?


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even though we have the Steelers this week, i really think the ones who are injured (Moss and Samuels) need to sit out this game. It's better for them to get closer to 100% during the bye than risk losing our potential pro bowlers to injury. I know Postis is banged up, so if we use him sparingly, i think we should be good. As for JT, i say let Evans take the start and let him rest up for the last remaining 7 games so we can make that run the to Super Bowl. As for Springs, i think he needs to return his ovaries and ask for his balls back and do what he's paid to do.

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Springs has already been ruled out, Taylor is out, Portis is expected to play, I think Moss might be questionable, and I heard Horton should be good, and Samuels I believe is questionable, I just heard he is going to need surgery at some point.

I hope these boarderline guys can step up and get it done for one more week. We have a BYE following this...

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