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Rapper Lil Wayne talks about TO and Cowboys


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ESPN's newest blogger Lil' Wayne, who is about to have a son, still found time to write his blog on ESPN.com. Check what he has to say about the ineptness of the Cowboys:

"Poor Dallas. And poor T.O. He's gonna quit. He takes a loss differently than anyone on that team. I think he has nightmares about losing or something, because he looks like he's about to cry after every game they lose. You see him over there on the sidelines sitting by himself just pouting like a little kid. Remember last year? "That's my quarterback, man." I love when any sports channel just brings that clip back for no reason. They always bring it back for nothing, just out of the blue "That's my quarterback, man." T.O. is an amazing talent but he's definitely a situation. But that's another difference between the old days and now. Back then there's no way you play football and then go cry on TV."

It ain't Brad Johnson's fault. Everything is falling apart. I think Brad came into a bad situation. To tell you the truth I think the team sucks. I think everybody is playing terribly right now in Dallas. Or at least they're not playing to the potential that we know they can play to. I don't think it's all on Brad Johnson even though he was terrible too.

Check the rest of the blog here: http://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story?id=3657276

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