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  1. Can’t wait to see this offense behind this O-line....going to be a good year
  2. they pulled me in again this year......****ing Griffin.... hoping for an upgrade.
  3. Redskins season tickets.....the ultimate roller coaster. Natural high at the start of the season once that Fedex package comes followed by complete frustration when you can not only not sell tickets in December to games you can't make but you can even find someone willing to take the tickets for free. If they don't do something magical in April I might have to let them go this year.
  4. Seats dissapeared today.....the waiting game begins
  5. I'm in Row 8 of 111, my seats are still showing on my invoice. No word on an upgrade.....
  6. thanks S&S......hasn't started for me yet....
  7. Wylie made it pretty clear in the interview he gave regarding the Redskins' decision to require STH to make payments on their accounts when other clubs (Giants) had not until the labor issue was resolved. Paraphrasing here but the reason he gave for requiring people to pay on time was to run the the autoupgrade process.
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