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Happy 84th Birthday to Don Coryell!!!


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I would like to go on record for the ES fanatics and say Happy 84th Birthday to the legendary coach Don Coryell. He is the only head coach in history to post 100 wins in college (San Diego State) and 100 wins in the National Football League (San Diego Chargers). More importantly he is noted as the Father of the West Coast Offense. Better yet, it was Coryell who coached Joe Gibbs in college, gave him one of first college coaching jobs at San Diego State, and it was Gibbs serving as Coryell's offensive coordinator for the Chargers before Coach Gibbs came to the Redskins back in '81. That Coryell West Coast style shone in the 3 Super Bowl years for the Redskins and you can bet your bottom dollar that it is in Coach Zorn's offense. Hail to the Redskins and bow down to Coach Don Coryell.


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No offense, but I don't believe he is the "Father of the West Coast Offense." Doesn't that title actually belong to the late/great Bill Walsh? Walsh developed it Cincy first, and then it blossomed in Frisco with the Joe Montana era, etc.

Don Coryell ultimately holds a much greater title......he's considered to be the Father of the Modern Day passing game. You younger guys would have been blown away with the passing game he had with San Diego back in the late 70's and 80's.....and Don was a fierce competitor.....he admitted after he retired that he actually hated many of his opponents.....

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