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Czar: "What did you think of the Cowboys trading for Detroit receiver Roy Williams?"

JJ: "I liked the trade for Dallas. They got a very good young player who is going to be productive for a long time. T.O. really hasn't played that well since Shawn Springs and the Redskins beat him up at the line of scrimmage. And it's a good trade for the Lions, too, if they pick right with the draft picks they received. But it's a bad trade for them if they pick like the Rams did with all those picks they got when they traded Eric Dickerson. Hey, the only reason why they rave about my Herschel Walker trade with the Cowboys is because we picked good players with those picks from Minnesota."

TB: "What the Roy Williams trade did was take the burden off the Pacman Jones story for the Cowboys."

JJ: "It diverted some of the negative thoughts that the fans were having."

HL: "This trade definitely had some �wag the dog' element to it, no doubt. The PSL sales, the Pacman thing. Jerry Jones can say, 'We do whatever it takes to win a championship now.' They have some salary-cap issues because they have signed up a lot of players in the last couple of years. Plus, they still have to take care of DeMarcus Ware."

TB: "I know Jerry will come up with the money. I'm not worried about that."

JJ: "Jerry threw in that third-round pick because he wanted to make sure he got this player and he signed him immediately long-term. It was a good move."

Czar: "Now that Brett Favre has encouraged him, can Tony Romo sits to pee play with a broken pinky finger?"

TB: "One finger that you can break is the pinky finger and still play unless it's a compound fracture, broken in two. The pinky is simply a balance finger. It's not that important."

JJ: "But, Terry, I would be concerned with his ball security. Tony likes holding the ball with one hand. That may be a problem with the pinky the way it is."

TB: "I don't understand not having both hands on the ball. He's real careless with the ball at times. He's what I call a palmer. He palms the football when he throws it."

Czar: "Let's say that Brad Johnson is the quarterback for Dallas. How do the Cowboys fare with him and without Pacman Jones?"

HL: "Well, you have to assume that Marion Barber will be featured like he was in Arizona. He's an extremely physical back, but I don't know if you want to overload him, considering Felix Jones isn't available. Whenever you have a hamstring injury, you really never know when he's going to be able to come back. I think Barber had 33 touches last week."

TB: "I don't see the Cowboys throwing as many deep balls, except a few off play-action, as they normally do with Romo sits to pee."

HL: "A lot was made of the Cowboys' offensive line in the Arizona game. And there were some breakdowns. But Tony, even when he dropped back at the goal line, his clock has to move a little faster than it does. He's so confident; he's almost too casual. He has an attitude that he can float in the pocket — and he does do a great job of sliding in the pocket. But when you slide, slide, slide and wait, wait, wait, there's a clock and the line can't protect you forever. One of the sacks happened when he didn't step up. But he also got hit 19 times and that's a lot. Pacman ... well, they needed him now more than ever."

TB: "I think the Felix Jones loss is a bigger one that Pacman's."

HL: "I agree with Terry. His impact on the game can be extraordinary. I like their defensive front and their outside linebackers. The Dallas secondary is a work in progress. They are going to have to get pressure. The offense did nothing to help the defense in Arizona. And losing that punter is huge. He played a major role in giving them great field position."

JJ: "They have a lot of work to do on their special teams. Their coverage units haven't been very good and Pacman hasn't been playing that well. I think if they do bring him back in four weeks, the two rookies (at cornerback) will probably be playing better than he was by then."

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