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The NFC East is now the hunted


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Thanks to the NFC East being the media's darlings.

That right!

The media and sports analyst give the NFC East all the love and other teams and players are more likely getting sick of it. Now! be prepared to battle like never before against NFL teams with losing records (see Rams, Browns, Cards). We wanted it and now we got it.

Sure, it feels good to have a winning record especially with our recent change over in certain areas and our brutal schedule. But losing to the Rams, the Giants losing to the Browns and Dallas getting smacked by the Cards. The NFC East is now public enemy number one to the rest of the NFL. Say what you will. But the recent losses has done nothing but prove to the rest of the NFL that the NFC East can be had regardless of what the media says or thinks.

So, strap up your boots and be prepared for a war this upcoming Sunday and beyond. Because in my eyes the NFC East is no longer a beast feasting on the rest of the NFL. Let it Go...and be prepared for some dissapointing losses.

Just my 2cents;)

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