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Sagarin's NFL Ratings, Week 6

Mark The Homer

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Redskins have dropped from 1st to 4th, after dropping six places in the PURE POINTS column all the way down to 8th.

Our schedule difficulty rank has dropped from 1st to 3rd most difficult in the league. Interestingly, the two teams in the league that have had a more difficult schedule, the Texans and Bengals, have won a total of one game combined.

Bucs are rated 3rd, Cards are 5th, Panthers are 6th, Cowboys are 7th. All these teams are 4-2, all these teams are NFC teams, and all these teams are looking for a playoff seed.

There are eight NFC teams in the top ten. All four NFC East teams are in the top ten.

Browns are rated 28th at the moment.

Redskins are favored by 18 on Sunday, according to this system. This may change slightly after the MNF game.


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MNF can have a big effect on other teams' ratings.

The Titans are solid in the #1 spot, both in PURE POINTS and ELO_CHESS.

The Steelers are sharing the #2 spot with the Bucs.

4th - Cards

5th - Cowboys (from 7th yesterday)

Redskins have dropped from 4th to 6th over all, due to the Giants loss last night. Redskins are 9th in the PURE POINTS column. Redskins schedule difficulty to date is 7th.

Giants have dropped from 2nd all the way down to ELEVENTH. The Giants have had the easiest schedule in the league, to date, and they've shown they are vulnerable. There are three 3-3 teams who are in the top ten and who are rated higher than the 4-1 Giants.

Browns, who were rated 28th yesterday, are now rated 23rd after their big win.

Redskins are now favored by only twelve points Sunday, according to this system.


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alright, i officially take back everything good i ever said about sagarins ranking.

not sure how the skins, will tougher SOS and far better 'vs top 10' and 'vs top 16'- not to mention the head to head matchup- are BELOW the cards AND the cowboys?


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Guys. We just lost to perhaps the worst team in the NFL. At home.

Take the lumps and move on. We win, we go up but till then just worry about the Browns.

The Rams are by far NOT the worst team in the NFL.

That title goes to Detroit.

Detroit will go 0-16. Bet on it.

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