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Who will be a rookie of the week candidate first?  

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  1. 1. Who will be a rookie of the week candidate first?

    • None of our rookie pass catchers will be rookie of the week candidates this year
    • Fred 'Sleepy' Davis
    • Malcolm 'i might play this week' Kelly
    • Devin 'the Tease' Thomas

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my picks

1. OL

2. DL

3. QB - the most important SINGLE player on the team

4. LB - I'm including some OLBs/DEs and even some SS, guys who are supposed fly around and make the tackles

5. RB

6. ST - this includes PK, returners, coverage, etc, very important

7. WR - feel like I'm underrating them, but see nowhere else to put them

8. TE - Just about right for this one guy, even counting an H-back type player

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Some of you have our SPECIAL Teams at the very end.

I don't understand that logic.

If they don't do their job EITHER direction......we are up a creek.

Can someone please explain why you think ST play is the last?

I think the perception is that except for kickers, anybody can play ST. (and yeah, I know I didn't pick ST last, just sayin')
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