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Ship Heavy Baggage Instead of Checking It


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Ship Heavy Baggage Instead of Checking It

David Landsel



Thu Jul 17, 10:15 AM ET

After Northwest's announcement this week that it will be jumping on the bandwagon to charge people for their first checked bags, it seems as if increased luggage fees are here to stay. So finally, after all these years of reading about shipping your luggage in advance (and shrugging it off as too involved and possibly too expensive), you may be ready to play.

But is sending your worldly possessions ahead cost-effective? This Airfairwatchdog.com chart shows that, within the United States, indeed it is - particularly for heavy or oversized bags.

Another bonus is that, considering the long lines at check-in counters this summer, you can generally expect shipping your bag ahead to be more secure, not to mention more convenient, than checking it in.

You're also far less likely to have your bag "mishandled" - that's the fun word the Department of Transportation uses - by your airline or the Transportation Security Administration. And if a shipper loses your bags, which is unlikely, at least it will apologize.

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