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Wilbur Marshall, What Happen?


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"They've put the skirt on the quarterback, big time."

You got that right! Although I've never pictured a skirt per saylaugh.gif

He is resisting surgery, in part, because "if you get it fixed, you're off disability and it might make it worse."

This statement bothers me. You'd rather be in pain and unable to do anything and draw disability than get surgery, perhaps free yourself from pain and then be able to enjoy life and perhaps put that legendary name out there to bring in way more cash than disability will ever pay you? I'm sorry...this isn't a good way of thinking or living IMO. It's sad that his body is betraying him at such a young age but you can't think you can play this game, especially at the level he played it, and not pay later. I do think the NFL should step up in some way to help retired players w/some sort of medical insurance so they can get the help they need. Wilbur was a great player! I loved watching him on the field. But I don't agree w/his philosophy of "if I get it fixed, I'll lose disability". Medical intervention for his type of injuries has advanced so far in recent years, it's amazing. I work in a medical clinic as an x-ray tech, and we do follow up films on joint replacement patients, and the majority of these patients do fine, you can't even tell they've had surgery and that's only 6 weeks after the surgery!

I'd much rather get the surgeries, recover, and get back to living my life as pain-free as possible and then make my own living rather than relying on the NFL's disability(in fairness, I don't know how much they pay him) to take care of me while I suffer day after day.

I wish him well and hope he can find a way to live pain-free eventually.

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Reading this article reminds me of stories on two former NFL greats.

Jerome Bettis whom left a great legacy in recent Steelers history and now is walking around with two bad knees.

But his case is nothing compared to Jim Otto's whom had to endured 28 knee operations and still had to have his right leg amputated in Aug 2007.

Kind of sad when you think about it.

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