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Car selling question


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Hey peeps!

There are always a good amount of people on here who can help.

I am selling my truck on Craigslist. I am aware of the scams on Craigslist because I have sold vehicles before. Usually I just said no and insisted on cash. But in this case I am going to be selling for thousands of dollars so I need to know how to protect myself.

What would be the best form of payment besides cash? Cashiers check? Money Order? I was thinking of asking for the buyers drivers license, taking down that info, and also have the persons name and address on a bill of sale I create. One copy for the buyer, one copy for me. I would like to stay away from paypal if possible due to the fees they charge.

Can anyone help me out :D

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I only accept cash or money order. I have a simple contract stating all the important aspects of the sale like price agreed upon, date, time, vehicle info, and a place for both parties to sign. I make two copies and one you keep the other is for the buyer.

Other things to include are the working order of the vehicle at the time of sale. Whether you will accept a limit warranty(such as if the care breaks within a week you will take it back) or an as-is clause. Which ever you would prefer. Personally I would sale it as-is but state that it works and runs well if not list any none-working items.

Also, allow him to take it to a mechanic to check it out. If he doesn't want to, have that on the contract too. where he will sign agreeing to the fact that he declined a mechanic to check it out.

Most of this is to protect you in the event your vehicle goes south as soon as you sell it to him.

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