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Brit or Country Boy? who takes it??

Killer Rob

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...on the Apprentice finale tonight?

It's starting soon at 9 pm eastern.

I want to go with Piers, because he is obviously the superior intellect, but Trace has been a very suprising candidate, and something in me says he pulls the upset!

So....who takes this thing?

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I don't think Piers was a superior intellect at all. How could a superior intellect alienate everyone on the show and most of America?

Piers was able to line up more money, i.e. he knew more wealthy people than Trace or anyone else on the show.

That said, Piers deserved to win. How can you argue with his results?

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I'm mad Piers won. I didn't watch the show for most of the season- I watched the first few episodes and then it conflicted with Lost, so The Apprentice obviously had to go- but I was watching the results show last night on my plane ride from Dulles to San Diego. My plane landed just as Gene Simmons told Trump that he would go for Trace. I love Trace Adkins.

My boyfriend watches the show, and I had been watching it on east coast time, so it wasn't even on in California yet. I couldn't stay up that late, so he told me that Piers had ultimately won. That sucks. I guess he's a good businessman, but people need to see the good guy win once in a while.

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