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Reasons why Barack Hussein Obama, Jr is the root of all evil.


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He pees in the drinking fountain:mad:

Oh and he's also the anti-christ:(

Orginally posted by Michael_33

1)The man is a closet muslim...

2)Muslims hate Americans....

3)Christian Americans believe in Jesus Christ

4)Muslims believe in Mohammad

5)Obama believes iin Mohammad and not Jesus Christ

6)Obama will have the power over all Americans if elected

7)Obama could get middle Eastern Countries and their people to like him,but not America

8)Obama could make peace in the Middle East and Specially with those against Isreal

9)Obama would make an excellent candidate to be leader of the European Union....

10)Obama could get the middle East to sign a 7 year year peace treaty with Isreal for peace..

11)Biblical prophesies being fullfilled,but everyone loves Obama as they remain to pass out in his presence

12)Everyone that loves Obama will be decieved as Obama is the Antichrist...Also...a prophesy in the bible as well...

13)First 3 1/2 years will seem to be peaceful


15)Then Obama breaks treaty and lets the wolves loose on Isreal

16)Obama sits at the thrown of the house of David in Jerusalem,where the temple is currently today in the works for being rebuilt...and claims he is GOD!

17)Jesus Christs feet hit the mount of olives and splits the world from East to West...

18)Christs army defeats Obama and Jesus throws him in the lake of fire!

19)Christs reigns on earth for a 1000 years...(good defeats evil as it was written)

20)uh...You might not want to vote for Barack Hussein Obama!

look....I may be wrong...and probably are...But why take the chance?The Guys dad is from Africa and was an evil man....Him and his son (obama) attended Muslim mosques when he was young

He says he's christian,but is he?How do you know where his heart is....and I'm sure Roger Clemens never took HGH either?

McCain is the perfect candidate people....He's a POW....He's too old to be the antichrist....and I like where his heart his even if his views aren't perfect!

The man spilled blood in the same MUD with American Soldiers....

I'll take that over a guy,who has a very clouded past, as well as religion...He's a **** child,with excellent oratory skills...Almost the mouth of a dragon doesn't he?

I promise you people....You vote for Obama...you'll regret it!

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He never played for the Redskins, although I am sure he has been rooting for the Cowboys all these years, and cosmicly making the Skins have bad luck since Gibbs 1.

He also forced McCain to allow torture and make mis-statements about Al-Queda being trained by Iran.

He killed Vince Foster in Ft. Marcy Park, and obstructed justice to prevent discovery.

Finally, he is not Ron Paul (the last candidate with any integrity or intellect).

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