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HUMOR: JC's Weekly Press Conference (Great display of poise despite distractions)


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Much has been said about Jason Campbell's poise during the game. He never gets rattled. Never gets down on himself after a INT and never gets too high on himself after a touchdown pass. But what I am really starting to be impressed with is Jason's poise during his press conferences while being tested by his teammates. :laugh: Mike Sellers is the usual suspect when he sticks his big head in front of the camera while JC is speaking.

However, I ask that you check out JC's interview this week on www.redskins.com Antwaan Randle El shouts out from the locker room four differents times and JC keeps chuckles but keeps the interview moving. It was so bad that the reporters could be heard laughing pretty hard themselves.

I couldn't make out all that ARE said but I definitely heard, "Have you ever seen lips that biiiig....look like a catcher's mitt...Striiiiiike!":laugh: (4:28) and "With lips that big, he better not kiss his girlfriend....those big ol' lips might suffocate her!":laugh: (5:03)

Eventually, JC hit him back with a "Anyone got some miracle-gro for Randle El's head?":laugh:

I love the comraderie. I don't think I could keep it together and keep the interview going like that. I'm glad that the guys are still keep things light amongst themselves after this week's terrible loss to the Eagles. I hope JC has another career day against the Cowgirls this weekend! HTTR! :helmet: :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck

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I'm glad to see that somebody is happy and smiling right now. It is great that they are playful in the locker room, I just wish it would translate in to great plays on the football field.

Yeah, I agree. But its also important that they don't carry the despair of a loss into the next game. In the WP they said that JC was very hard on himself after the loss to the Eagles. That he still felt he could have done more despite having a career day. I love that he's that competitive but you can't change the past. But you can make sure that you are positive mentally and ready to go the next week. Joking around with teammates definitely helps.

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