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Would you rather make the Playoffs


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Im glad everyone is soooo optimistic :sarcasm: ...anyway, how about we make the playoffs and BEAT dallas in the playoffs...i know most of us cant even contimplate, but stranger things have happened

Ofc it could happen but that was not in his scenario.

I think personally losing to Dallas would be ok AS LONG AS it was in the NFC title game. I could handle that as the loss would be softened by seeing them in turn get thumped by New England/Indy.

This kind of exposure and pressure would be good for JC I think as he would be more equipped then to lead us to back to back Super Bowls the following two seasons. It would be fine.

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I was thinking about this today. Would we be more miserable making the playoffs and losing to the Cowpukes, or not making the playoffs at all?

I say I would rather not make the playoffs then lose to Dallas in the playoff. How bout you all? I don't think I could take losing to them in the playoffs

You're jumping ahead a little bit. The Redskins are 5-3. Needless to say, this is a very weak 5-3. The Redskins have 8 games left. The only game left that they certainly should win in the Buffalo game. 7 of their last 8 games are certainly losable. Playing the way they played in their first eight games, this is what I see.

Eagles (?)

Cowboys (L)

Bucs (L)

Bills (W)

Bears (?)

Giants (L)

Vikings (L)

Cowboys (?)

9-7, 8-8, 7-9 or 6-10. None of these will get them in the playoffs.

The only reason there is a question mark next to the last Dallas game is because the Cowboys might have everything wrapped up at that point and playing their practice squad. Otherwise that is a sure loss also.

Unless Gibbs has a secret weapon or a couple aces in his hand that he's sandbagging, the Redskins will not make the playoffs.

One thing is the Redskins have thrown no TD passes to a wide receiver and they are still 5-3. This could be the aces that Joe Gibbs is sandbagging. Maybe the Redskins are purposely not throwing long passes to their WRs.

It's obvious that the Redskins great defense was just a mirage. That defense got smoked by the Pats and will get smoked by the majority of the teams left on their schedule. On Offense, unless Gibbs has a secret weapon or a couple aces in his hand that he's sandbagging, the Redskins will not make the playoffs.

12 teams make the playoffs.

There are 4 divisions in each conference.

6 from each conference.

The 4 division winners plus 2 wildcards.

Please assume that the Redskins will not win the division and need to get in as a wildcard. Assume that the NFC East will be won by Dallas or Giants and the other will get one of the Wildcard spots. Assume that no team from the NFC West will get in as a Wildcard.

That leaves one Wildcard spot left. Ther are 6 teams in the NFC that can grab that last wildcard spot. The Only teams that are 100% out of the playoffs at this point are the Falcons, 49ers and Rams.

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