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I wonder if the mods will give us a game thread in the Stadium for the game since it directly affects our division. I want the Falcons to win so badly!

They drop another game and that puts them at 3-3 and keeps the skins alone in 2nd place.

I agree with the GO Falcons:cheers: ; unfortunately the games we did not win - DOES not at all reflect the fortitude of this team and the growth of Jason as our Quarterback. We actually deserve the #1 position, we will get that in November!:dallasuck

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sorry to be critical..

but its 2 games

and we did the same thing in both games. no scoring in second half. and left the door wide open for the other team to score..

i love my skins, but yesterday i said when we came out in the second half that we HAD to score in the 3rd or we wouldnt win.

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Joe Gibbs is about a 16-game season.

24-29. This is not Gibbs I where we lost games to good teams for different reasons. We would lose, Joe would make adjustments, and we very rarly lost that way again. We now lose becasue we can not score and adjust as the game goes on. We lose because we have, by far, the worst clock managment, including wasting timeouts, in the league. We lose because we have no GM that can get us what we need, a true number 1 WR, instead we try to relive the 82 season with WR's cut from the same cloth. Joe Gibbs is coaching with his third championship caliber defense in 4 years and is 24-29.

Will we win 8-10 games and possibly make the playoffs? most likely, but it is discouraging to keep watching the same mistakes that have cost us for 3+ seasons now. It is sad to see a coach who use to lead one of the most feared offence's in NFL History struggle with an OC that has apparently grabbed the wrong 700 page playbook.

Joe Gibbs/Redskins football may very well be about a 16 game season but where we used to EXPECT 10-12 wins a year, we now HOPE for 8-10.

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