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Cumb. (MD) Times-News: NFL Films to produce show on 2007 Allegany-Fort Hill Game!!!!


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One of the greatest rivalries in high school football will be the subject of an NFL Films production this season! The annual battle between Allegany and Fort Hill will be produced "with slow-motion and high-speed cameras and it won't look different than past Super Bowls we've covered," according to NFL Films Senior Producer James Weiner.


Anyone who's ever spent any time in Cumberland knows the breadth and depth of this rivalry. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced. It transcends Skins-Boys, Yankees-Red Sox, Lakers-Celtics, all of it. I can honestly say that I HATE Fort Hill football with a passion more intense than my hatred for the Cowboys. And that's saying something.

The game, which used to be played on Thanksgiving (then called the "Turkey Day Game," still is by some old-timers) has been played annually for 71 consecutive years. Fort Hill (BOOO!!!!) holds the upper hand in the series, 42-29-4. Attendance usually ranges somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000. (In a town of about 16,000.) Yeah, I'm pretty damned proud of that.

In 2005, Allegany beat Fort Hill twice (including once in the playoffs) en route to an undefeated season and its 8th state championship. Fort Hill returned the favor by beating the Campers twice in 2006. Fort Hill has a whopping grand total of just 2 state titles. :silly: (No bias here.) :laugh:

Fort Hill and Allegany are both undefeated (heh, as usual) this season, and are ranked 1st and 3rd in the MPSSA 1A West Standings, respectively.

Here's the story on the NFL Films piece by my old sports editor: http://www.times-news.com/local/local_story_281144757.html

This is gonna ROCK!!!!! :point2sky

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that's awesome.

i will vouch for hog's description of cumberland's love affair with high school football. our team just visited fort hill last week. it's like driving into a college town on gameday. everybody in the streets, on their front porch, tailgating....and EVERYONE was wearing their red fort hill gear. they then gave us our annual ass kicking.

it's funny, because the rumors were flying here that espn was going to film our game with them. i was wondering "why?" since we're 2-5. i guess it's like the telephone game.

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High school football? Oooookay. Hickory Doo Dah. Pun.

Otherwise, Fort Hill was the **** when I went to high school. Allegehny (SP, couldn't care less) I never even heard of. Redskins/Cowfarks is only < Fort Hill/Allegehny because it's the Cowfarks. Nuffsaid.

Once more in English? ;)

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Your nostalgic dreamland is a high school team. You should post on their forum. Especially since it's better than when we play the ****ing ****tiest ****ing team in god damn America.

All respect to you H_H :laugh:


Look bro, I'm used to people refering to my hometown as "that place on Interstate 68 where you have to slow down to 40." Anytime we get some recognition for what really matters up there, it's a big deal.

To us anyway.

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Attendance usually ranges somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000. (In a town of about 16,000.) Yeah, I'm pretty damned proud of that.

The Fort Hill-Allegany game was the 1st High School Football game I ever went to....I was about 6. I remember it to this day.

My cousin played for Fort Hill, got expelled, and finished at Allegany. They won a State Championship his senior year, in '83 or '84.

Looking forward to seeing this too.

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