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Medical Question re: Colitis


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A good friend of mine has had colitis for a few years now but is in serious pain most days. He has no insurance but I read that diet is very important for those who have colitis.

So does anyone know of any good books or have advise on what he should be eating, ect? Or how to manage the disease?

I greatly appreciate your help!

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I'll see what I can find later, but a family member has managed their severe colitis through diet.

From what I recall, eliminating gluten (i.e. anything with wheat) has been a huge help. There are an amazing number of options and products without wheat, using corn and rice flour.

I think also many fruits have acidity which added to the problem. Lactose was a factor too. Your mileage and sensitivity to any of these foodstuffs may vary.

As I said, this is hazy recall, but the good news is that even very severe colitis may be handled through diet and a life time of drugs is not necessarily required. That said, see a specialist too so that progress can be checked. Some medical treatment may be required initially to get the problem under control.

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