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When no one is held accountable for disasters like Lloyd and Archuleta -- literally the two worst offseason moves in modern NFL history -- you're bound to repeat the same kind of mistakes down the line.

Nah..Ryan Leaf beats them...but even Duckett is up there with them...so maybe 3 out of 4 worst offseason moves :silly:

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3. What kind of Redskins fan are you anyways? a TRUE redskins fan doesn't abandon the ship after 1 loss.

Dude...I'm so sick of you superhomers flaming a guy and questioning their fandom when all they do is voice their opinion. I think its a good one. And sorry, I didn't see anyone abandon ship....he's just stating what he forsees happening this season... Yeah, its a dead horse topic...but he's still assessing the current situation along with what the team is doing.

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