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  1. I'm trying to find the one where it was eli's face on some girl with big boobs and it looked like her foot was raised (sort of kicking or something) I have scanned many pages and I have no idea where it is, anyone know what I am talking about?
  2. I don't know why people are against black, I mean we are the maroon and black right? kidding aside I woudl be fine with Black occasionally
  3. **** Tony Mother****ing Romo.
  4. I really wouldn't mind us adding more black into our uniforms, I think they look beast. Anyone know a snooty word for Black? We couldn't call it black just lilke we don't call it maroon & yellow
  5. I Still Find It Amusing That People Take The Extra Time To Capitalize The First Letter In Every Word In A Post When In English Class They Teach You To Not Do That, Plus It Is Taking Me Three Times Longer To Type This Response Because I Am Capitalizing The First Letter Of Each Post. :laugh:
  6. edit because I didn't read before posting. nevermind what I was going to say :doh:
  7. Funny thing is when you type in Eli Drunk on Google the first link is to this ES post. THAT is how you know you have made the big time
  8. Not sure how starting this one would make people read the other one, when they already read it, but whatever. :bearsuck:
  9. Redskins need to win out and NO to lose 1 game and we are IN. On a second note I think starting a new paloffs thread was not needed and should be merged with the original one.
  10. I saw this on the internet. Glad we are not the only people having fun with this pic. p.s. if this was posted already don't kill me. I am not reading 68 pages of pictures.4
  11. This would have been fuinnier if you put it on AFTER he shoots himself in the head.
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