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Saints Fans: I Told You


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you guys were riding us pretty good when the Saints were 5-1 and I told you to wait until AFTER you won something to start getting your licks.............well it looks as if once again, as has been the case since 1966, the Saints will be looking to NEXT year to win something.

that's ONE playoff win in 36 years right?

just trying to make sure my arithmetic is correct :)

WOOF! :laugh:

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I have to believe part of their demise is the result of Brooks being more injured than reported. His passes since the bicep injury have lacked zip and his accuracy has left him. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, isn't Deuce still a bit banged up from a high ankle sprain?

Still, as a franchise, N.O. hasn't found a way to win consitently and make a serious superbowl threat. They've had the same monkey on their back as the Redskins have had against the Cowboys.

Coaching ultimately will fix the problem, I'm just not sure Haslett has the mettle to do it.

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One thing I've learned about sports: A leopard really can't change his spots. You're either a winner, a loser, or always somewhere in between-- rarely can you go from one end to the other.

Despite having it RIGHT IN THEIR HANDS, Jim Haslett's team choked/quit for the second straight year, Dave Wandsted's team wilted AGAIN, Marty Shottenheimer's team was close, but no cigar AGAIN, etc....

That's why I was and still am, all for hiring Spurrier. He's unknown-- a MAJOR winner in his past coaching stops in college-- I still think the chances are good that he'll be a winner here as well. It certainly seems as if he's learned a thing a two already......something the above coaches have failed to do.

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