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Cowboys already sign Undrafted Free Agents

DeMarco Murray 29

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Posted on 4/29/2007 5:37 PM Nominate Post | Report Post

Early UFA News - Cowboys Already ACTIVE

Here's what has come across my desk in the first hour after the draft:

Dallas (agreed to terms) - Ola Dagunduro/DT/Nebraska, Mike Jefferson/WR/Montana, Steve Rissler/C/Florida, Robert Turner/OL/New Mexico, Jerard Rabb/WR/Boise State, Jackie Battle/RB/Houston and Matt Moore QB Oregon State

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Those guys are all undersized, too slow, too small, unskilled, etc. I don't even have to look at the names. ;)

Well 3 names intrigue me.

Matt Moore ... I beleive Mortenson or Jaworski were pretty high on this kid. Diseciting his throws. He definitly will find a spot on this team as the # 3 QB.

Ola Dagunduro ... Could pack on a few pounds and help at NT.

Jackie Battle ... 6-2, 245 pound kid from Houston. Could make the team due to playing RB and FB.

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Frankly, his competition is Brock Berlin and Matt Baker.

So yes, he will be our #3 who we can slowly bring along.

I like the pickup.

Brock Berlin wasn't a bad college QB. I can't imagine an undrafted QB like Moore will beat out Berlin.

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Brock Berlin wasn't a bad college QB. .

Uhhhh, yeah he was. Look at the amazing talent he had on his team plus his numbers look better than they actually were. Even the slightest pressure rattled him. Moore is a much, much better pro prospect IMO as long as he decides to eat every once in a while.

Brock Berlin should feel comfortable making a standing tee-time with Sam Hollenbach as soon as mini-camp ends for the rest of the summer.

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