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FOX: Do you know where your quarterback is?


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# New York Jets: Chad Pennington had a fine year, but won't command ultimate fan confidence with that batting-practice fastball.

# Seattle Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck deserved to be an A-list QB until we noticed issues with his decision-making (Chunky Soup commercial? What was he thinking?).

# Denver Broncos: Sophomore-to-be Jay Cutler certainly looks the part, but the Broncos would have felt more secure if since-departed Jake Plummer didn't crash into something every time he tried to back up.

# Arizona Cardinals: Matt Leinart is surrounded by talent, but these celebrity honeys aren't known for pass-blocking techniques.

# Tennessee Titans: We're still waiting to see if Vince Young can throw like a pro, but it may not matter until the Titans hire a few more guys who can catch like pros.

# Jacksonville Jaguars: If Dennis Northcutt was the key addition at receiver, Byron Leftwich and David Garrard must be better than we thought.

# Kansas City Chiefs: A new deal for No. 2-rated passer Damon Huard makes QB a pricey position until the Chiefs can pass Trent Green off to another franchise.

# Baltimore Ravens: Veteran Steve McNair is mustering support for a theory that the best offense is a good defense.

# San Francisco 49ers: Frank Gore may be able to overcome any inconvenient truths discovered about rising third-year pro Alex Smith.

# Washington Redskins: We all will admire Jason Campbell if he has the ability to put 10th-rated passer Mark Brunell out of our misery. By the way, Brunell may be used as evidence that ratings are overrated.

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Very true. Brunell broke the all-time record for a completion streak in an NFL game, yet they were all short passes. Which amped up his stats. It won't be hard to put Brunell out of people's misery. Jason has extreme potential to be great in this league. He reminds me of Ben Rothlesberger. Loved Brunell in 2005, but he's losing it pretty steadily.

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